French Creek Masonry Works - Foundations & Footings

Foundations & Footings

Foundations and footings are integral parts of home construction, and at French Creek Masonry Works we take great pride in constructing the infrastructure to support your future home. Supporting every home is a foundation, and under most foundations are footings. The home rests upon the footing, and footings are usually placed under load-bearing parts of the foundation. Understanding the quality of the soil is critical to building the proper footings and foundations to handle to weight of the home. The type and density of the soil must be analyzed by an experienced company, so any necessary adjustments to the foundation and footings can be made. This is critical because even 1/4 inch of uneven settling can cause cracks in the masonry, tile, or plaster of the home.

It is essential that foundations and footings are properly designed and constructed with great care by a company you trust. At French Creek Masonry Works, your foundation and footing will be designed by industry experts with years of experience as well as meticulous attention to detail.